Living from the Inside Out

I have been contemplating on what it means to live from the inside out. It seems the depth and balance in life comes from withdrawing to be in solitude with God, and then living from that inner place. And when one stops to drink deep from the well that comes from being with God, then that living water creates ripple effects into the rest of our lives. It flows into how we live moment by moment. It affects how we respond to each person we encounter, recognizing him/her as one who is deeply loved and who is enough just by being who they are. It flows into each of our encounters with daily life and struggles and how we move and bring life into them. Living from the inside out, is living from a place of peace and stillness. May it be so.

About evask50

I am a spiritual director, ordained minister, and retreat leader.
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1 Response to Living from the Inside Out

  1. Thank you Eva! We all need this.


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