For Richard

Grief, comes like a wave and washes over me, reminding me both of your absence,  and the gift of your presence in our lives. Though your absence leaves a permeating void, your memory fills, encourages, inspires, and uplifts. There is so much for which to thank you: for being a teacher extraordinaire, through your words and lived life; for being a mentor and an advocate;  for the way you really saw us and for your wordless presence which communicated so much of God’s love and acceptance for who we are; for believing in us and calling out our gifts; for being friend and family to us, and for our families’ many shared moments; for the profound impact you have had and continue to have on our sons,; for reflecting God’s love and grace always; for shared humor; for being real; and for more than I or we can articulate.

So it is with gratitude too, that I receive this grief, because it is with gratitude that we have received the gift of your presence in our lives. Thank you too, for showing us even this, how to welcome and be present to our grief, for there is a gift in it.

We love and miss you Richard, and continue to give thanks to God for the gift of you in our lives.

About evask50

I am a spiritual director, ordained minister, and retreat leader.
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