Everyday moments

Have you ever thought that everyday moments are experienced according to how we live them? They can be mundane and rote, especially when we do the same things over and over again, like riding the train to work or brushing our teeth. However, when we are awakened to the moment, it is like we are being given glasses, through which we can see for the first time.

Andrew Murray, in “Abide in Christ”, says, “He had prepared for you an abiding dwelling with Himself, where your whole life and every moment of it might be spent, where the world of your daily life might be done, and where all the while you might be enjoying unbroken communion with Himself.” What a lovely and unimaginable thing, that God chooses to dwell with us, to abide with us, right here in the middle of our everyday moments. 

If  you are anything like me, I can be distracted or caught up in the moment and miss so much of what is there than if I was paying attention.  However, in God’s incredible goodness, God nudges us. When God nudges me it moves me deeply. Sometimes, I am awakened to God’s presence in the moment through nature, God’s artistic pallet. When you think of all the detail that went into creating just one tree or mountain or lake it is hard to fathom. The  vastness of the sky, the majesty of the ocean, the splendor of countless kinds of flowers, and the endless array of color one finds throughout creation is just so moving when we are awakened to notice. How can we not think of and worship God?

I am often reminded of God when I am with other people, who are reflections of the One in whose image they are created. They inspire me and remind me to who it is that I belong. Sometimes, I am reminded of God in the brokenness I see in another’s eyes, as God cares so deeply for each one of us. Sometimes I am nudged to reach out in love, and sometimes just to pray for the person.

God nudges us to notice where God is in the people we are with, in our surroundings, in what we are doing.  Even mundane tasks like doing dishes, can become a place of grace, when God and I commune there together.

Sometimes, God nudges me in the moment to pay attention to something within myself that I had been missing. As I listen in the moment, God speaks to me about that place within me, and shows me what I need to see.

What I notice the most, is that everyday moments are transformed when I am aware of God. They become so much more fuller.  God’s invitation to us is let God dwell with us in our everyday moments.  There is so much more to see and savor and experience with God there. God can seem as close as our  breath and we can inhale God’s presence yet again.    

What do you notice in your everyday moments today? Where do you see God?

About evask50

I am a spiritual director, ordained minister, and retreat leader.
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