Being Heard

One of our greatest needs is to be heard, to be genuinely listened to in a loving and deep way.  Think about a time when someone did that for you, when they didn’t try to talk over you or offer you advice. They just really listened to you. What was that like? When someone listens to us and what we share in a genuine, accepting way, it can be healing and transformative.

We need a safe place to share our joys, our dreams, our pain and our sorrows. We need a safe place to share our questions and our grief, our doubts and our wonderings. We need a place of acceptance. The journey can be so lonely and isolating without that place.

Spiritual direction is a place to come as you are, where whatever you bring is welcome.  In spiritual direction, people can talk about anything, including relationships, work, or their prayer life for example. The reason being is because God cares about us and the different aspects of our lives. It is as we open ourselves up to God, that we can see God at work in the various parts of our lives. Spiritual direction is one vehicle God uses to help us see.

Sometimes we need a place to share our questions and our grief about God, or pain related to the church. Spiritual direction is a safe place to do that.

The difference between spiritual direction and therapy, pastoral counseling or pastoral care, is that in spiritual direction, the  spiritual director is listening to where God is in the midst of what is being shared. The spiritual director is not trying to diagnose, to fix, or to solve problems. A spiritual director intently and prayerfully listens  and helps the person to see where God is in the midst of their story. In that process, a person can find discernment about what to do about a problem. A person can also find healing for a place of grief.

In spiritual direction,we seek to deepen our awareness of God’s presence and work in our lives in every day moments.  Its goal is to help us open ourselves and the various parts of our lives up to God. Through this process, we can experience healing, meaning, and transformation. 
If you want to learn more or are interesting in receiving direction, please message me, and I can share more with you.


About evask50

I am a spiritual director, ordained minister, and retreat leader.
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