Safe Place

We all need a safe place to be ourselves, to come as we are, knowing that we are welcome.  There doesn’t seem to be many places like that , where we are seen and heard for who we are. So many places in society and even in the church are filled with filters  to keep those different from us on the outside, or that judge them as less than.

Jesus did it different. He was compassionate and filled with grace. He was loving, understanding, and welcoming.  He walked with those on the fringes, to show that they mattered.  He raised the status of women and Samaritans. He touched the untouchable,  thereby healing lepers emotionally and physically.  People were empowered by Him, healed, and filled with hope, because He saw them and loved them.  Jesus was and is a safe place where we are loved and blessed.  What could be more empowering than Jesus’ love?

This is a safe place, to come just as you are. It is a place committed to being filled with Jesus’ love.

About evask50

I am a spiritual director, ordained minister, and retreat leader.
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