Advent Listening

Listening. The scriptures of advent centered on listening. God listened to the cries of the people and designed a new way. The Spirit listening hovered and filled. Jesus listened and came to us, living among us, as one of us, born of human flesh and born of God. Zachariah and Elizabeth, advanced in age, were called to listen that the gift of a baby would be born to them, when it seemed impossible. And not only would that baby be a gift to them but to the world, as he would be a prophet. Listening to God, that baby would prepare the way for Jesus to come. Mary and Joseph listened to the angel believing God’s words to them of the miracle of new life, and a Savior to be born. They showed such courage and faith, going against the ways of their time and culture. Listening to the angel, they trusted in what God was doing, even though it looked absurd and like a scandal in their day and age. Simeon listened and trusted God’s word to him, actively waiting and seeking the Messiah to come. Anna, listening and seeing, bore witness of the Messiah’s birth.
All of these people listened, listening to angels, to God, to scripture, and to each other. The journey, the transformational moment begins with listening. Listening involves intention and attention, a making room for, while setting our stuff and ourselves aside. These people believing what they heard, took time to ingest the words, to savor the meaning., to digest the truth and to make it part of them. It begins with listening. Listening is active. Listening is transformative. We are invited to listen.

About evask50

I am a spiritual director, ordained minister, and retreat leader.
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