Spiritual Direction

I have been blessed to work in a variety of ministry settings. The thread that weaves through them all, is that I have been both privileged and humbled to walk alongside people in various seasons and crossroads in their lives. I consider listening to another’s story and walking beside them on their journey to be on holy ground. This is a safe place where all are welcome, whatever your story and wherever you find yourself.

My greatest desire is to help people deepen their awareness of and intimacy with God, and to find healing and meaning in their lives. As a spiritual director, I accompany others on their journey, prayerfully listening, in a ministry of discernment and confidentiality. In spiritual direction, events that seem ordinary become sacred, events that seem tragic can be redeemed, and events that seem coincidental become instruments of the divine.

I offer in-person, phone based spiritual companioning conversations, as well as on Zoom. Contact me at evasullivanknoff@gmail.com

I have been trained in supervision for spiritual directors as well, and offer that in person, on the phone, or on Zoom.

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