Workshops and Retreats

My desire is to help people deepen their awareness of and intimacy with God and find healing and meaning in their lives. As a retreat leader, I offer the opportunity to encounter God in a variety of ways, incorporating a variety of prayer practices into a contemplative retreat setting.

Here are some optional retreat offerings:

  • Radical Welcome of God
  • Making Room for What is Life-Giving
  • Come Away with Me; God’s Desire for us
  • Deeper in Christ
  • Remembering to Whom You Belong
  • Listening to God and One Another
  • A Day A part: Practicing the Presence of God
  • Caring for God, Ourselves, & Others
  • Exploring a Personal Compass
  • Exploring Prayer as Lament
  • Touched by God: Reflecting on Christ’s Healing Encounters
  • Introduction to the Enneagram

1 Response to Workshops and Retreats

  1. Sue Sommer says:

    Eva, What a wonderful retreat! The chatter in church on Sunday was overwhelmingly positive and YOU are a huge part of that. You gave us something new and needed: thinking about Listening. As you saw for yourself, my Vestry comprises incredibly talented, hardworking folks who live their 9-5 lives in the business/professional world where listening is not particularly valued and not taught at all. We move into 2015 renewed, refreshed, and with listening skills sharpened, thanks to your leadership and ministry!


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